About Us

Republic of Steeze is a California based life and street-style clothing brand founded by artist Harper Christian from his Los Angeles studio in August 2013. At its crux is a group of culturally diverse artists, skaters, athletes and locals who became our ambassadors, customers, team and friends.
Over the years Republic of Steeze has cultivated into a eclectic culture and has been seen in magazines such as GQ and can be found in boutiques around America. Republic of Steeze primary base is via the internet and has developed a ever growing global footprint by shipping worldwide.
Steeze (Style x Ease) is our teams mantra. We are like minded individuals who value expression not only by our actions or words, but also through clothing. We feel that the outfit you choose on a particular day is often a reflection of your current mood.
We have committed to continually express our Steeze and share it with the world thru clothing. Steeze is not just about following a trend, because fashion trends fade. Steeze is eternal, it is your own style with ease that constantly recreates the trend by being you. Our brand manifests in the people and together we are the Republic of Steeze.

Live Beatnik. 


Stay posted. Our first brick and mortar is coming soon!